Laser light is an enhanced monochromatic light with a certain wavelength, coherently (with the same frequency and phase difference). This implies that laser light has certain capabilities and is within the safe visible and infrared spectra of electromagnetic radiation.

A Laser device is used by specially-trained staff, which uses the capabilities of that certain wavelength to gain therapeutic benefits in the most efficient and effective way, contrary to conventional methods, without causing pain to the patient.

Types of Laser

• Erbium Laser
It is used on dental surgery, instead of the dental wheel, in order to minimize pain in fillings, as well as a great range of applications on soft tissue surgery and periodontology.

• Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) Laser
It is used for removal of inflammatory epithylium, shrinkage and elimination of hemorrhage of gums, sterilization of dental follicles, resulting in a rapid reinstatement of the gums in their initial, healthy condition. At the same time, due to its strong regenerative action and the large depth of penetration, YAG laser can play an important role to the regeneration of the bone via the activation of osteoblasts, which will support the tooth.

• Dioxide Laser
Dental CO2 Lasers include a wide range of wavelength, within the spectra of visible and infrared spectra.

They are used specifically for surgical application, periontology and endodology.