Resin bonding

Bonding is a state-of-the-art method of cosmetic dentistry, through which we can interfere aesthetically and improve on a great scale the aesthetic look of the tooth, as well as the smile in a simple, painless, time-saving way.


1. On patients with diastema (gap between teeth) in order to fill in the gaps.
2. To change the color and shape of teeth
3. On patients with fillings, in order to disguise the differences between the filling and the natural tooth
4. On patients suffering from teeth abrasion, due to age, bruxism, fraction or erosion, and can be fully restored.

It’s a short procedure, usually completed in just a visit, and doesn't require trimming (or if needed, it's insignificant). Also, it’s a procedure in which the patient doesn't need to be sedated.

After the restoration, the patient can immediately eat whatever he or she wishes, without limitations.

Bonding is totally safe and harmless for teeth.