Dr. Themistoklis Spyridopoulos

Owner of the dental clinic

Graduate of Belgrade Dental School. PhD from Democritus University Medical School. Trained in implantology as well ιν cosmetic dentistry. Specialization in LASER applications. 24 year experience in using multiple types of implants

Stavroula Panou

Medical Assistant

Graduate of IEK GH Katerini (certification of nursing assistant, general nursing)

Magic Teeth

Dental prosthetic Lab

Magic Teeth, Bageas Stefanos company, is one of the oldest, for 30 years, of the largest dental laboratories in Katerini Pieria Greece. The laboratory was designed with the most up-to-date equipment and meets all sanitary regulations that concern all work to restore the oral cavity.

Iliadou Anastasia

Dental prosthetic Lab

Dental Technology – Technological Educational Institute of Athens - CAD - CAM. Dental Labatory of general additives